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In our family, business is a brotherhood.

The inspiration for Latin Beet Kitchen was born at Raymi, our Peruvian kitchen and pisco bar in Manhattan's Flatiron district.

 As boys in our native Colombia, we learned the importance of hospitality and healthy, responsible Latin food. As cooks in others chefs' NYC kitchens, we sharpened our skills. As business owners, we learned that running a successful restaurant means always seeing it through new eyes.

After we opened Raymi in 2012, it quickly became a dinner destination for its ceviche bar and unique Peruvian platos full of Chinese, Japanese and Spanish influences. Felipe and Jaime are executive chefs, Roger handles the business side and our father, Armin, adds the familia touch that turns customers into regulars.


But the nighttime hotspot sat empty during the day and both the space and staff felt hungry to be more. So we rethought and repurposed part of Raymi and gave it the most important thing you can have in this business — a brother. 

The cure for the common deli, Latin Beet Kitchen combines sophisticated Latin soul food with healthy ingredients for New Yorkers on the go. It's organic arepas and toasts, greens and grains, bright colores, vibrant musica and irresistible sight and smells of free-range rotisserie chicken. It's in sync with the pulse, pace and people around it and puts mucho amor into every ingrediente and interaction. 

At Latin Beet Kitchen, we believe in local, seasonal and humanely raised produce and proteins. In an open presentation that lets customers make smart, healthy choices based on what they see, not words on a wall.

We are real chefs making real food. We are brothers. We are familia. We are Latin Beet Kitchen.